TARHC Track Programme Underway

The Tararua and Aorangi track programme has got underway, with completion of tracks at the southern end of the Tararua range. The tracks from Kaitoke to Smiths Creek and Dobsons were cleared by TARHC volunteers that had John Rhodes, Derrick Field, Alistair Barr, Gerald Leather and John Taylor. The Remutaka Summit – Pylon road track was also cleared. A start was also made on clearing the Barra track to Mitre Flats.

A total of 12 days were worked, sometimes up to 11 hour days. In total, 95 hours were spent on the tracks, totally 160 hours worked by the team. Vegetation cutting was mainly the prolific gorse that was taking over some of the tracks. About half of the distance cut was in gorse infestation but occupied approximately 85 percent of the cutting. A Stihl scrub bar was used constantly, and was in operation for 78 hours.

DOC Masterton have supported the work, and Stihl Shop Masterton have generously provided sponsorship to support our efforts.

With the completion of these tracks, effort will be directed at  the Aorangi Crossing, and also several tracks in the eastern Tararua range. Funding is also still being sought to enable the urgently needed repairs to the Arete Sidle track in the upper Waingawa catchment. A tramping club group may also undertake clearing of the upper Mangahao valley to Te Matawai tracks.

The Hutt Valley NZDA are also planning to maintain the track from Smiths Creek to Tutuwai hut.

Over the next two years, the TARHC has a management agreement with DOC to clear 120 kms of tracks in the two forest parks.

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